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« Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint. ― Banksy »

Atlasbaba (b. 1980) is a Turkish contemporary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. His artworks focus on the distinctive moments in lifetimes such as decisions and experiences. In his artworks, Atlasbaba merges the script shapes and philosophy of life, such as record surface, with references to human lifetime and milestones. In this way, Atlasbaba’s works present combined elements of language, lifespan, and ethnic art, exploring the realities of lived and borrowed histories. Reflecting his personal experiences and observation in life, Atlasbaba creates continuous shapes and patterns to figure out and show unique human's life span. Contrast textures appear in rich variety that are rendered freely in acrylic on canvas and wood boards. Themes in his art reference lifetime and experiences.

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