Checkout Process

When you are ready to pay, simply hover over the cart and select checkout. You will be able to check the details of your order.

Problem with checking out

If the transaction is canceled when checking out, you can either try again later or check if your payment information is correct. If neither of this work, you can try reaching out to the artist.

Coupons & Discounts

If you have received a coupon or discount code, you can use it at checkout.

In order for you to receive the coupon from us, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

You can pay for all or parts of your order using a Rocart coupon. In order to use your coupon, enter the coupon code in the “Apply coupon” box.

Appealing an unpaid artwork

Most sales go smoothly on Rocart, however, sometimes buyers may not pay for an artwork they purchased. When this happens, artists can open an unpaid artwork case against the buyer. If we find that the buyer did not pay, we will flag their account for future use.

How to appeal an unpaid artwork

If you had an unpaid artwork recorded on your Rocart account and want to appeal it, you should contact us and we will look into it.

In order to appeal your case, you will need to provide proof that you paid for the artwork. We accept the following as a form of proof.

  1. Proof of communication between you and the artist that the artwork was paid for.
  2. A copy of the payment confirmation or statement from your payment provider.
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