Locating & Managing Artwork

Your purchase history

Your purchase history lets you track and manage orders you’ve placed on Rocart. For more information, go to My Orders to find all the artworks you’ve purchased.

In order to improve your experience, please Sign In to your account. On your orders detail page, you will also be able to leave feedback and track your order.

Delete artworks from your Purchase history

You cannot delete artworks from your purchase history.

Your Rocart artwork ID

Every artwork you purchase on Rocart has a unique ID number. When purchasing artwork, you can find the ID number on your purchase history.

Your order confirmation email

When you purchase an artwork, you will receive a confirmation email, letting you know the transaction went through, and that the artwork should be on its way very soon.

The confirmation email will include a tracking number and an estimated delivery date, as well as the artwork ID number.

We send a confirmation email for every order. If you cannot find it, please check your junk email folder.

Your PayPal transaction ID

The same way you receive a Rocart order detail, if you pay with PayPal, you will receive a separate PayPal transaction ID.

You will be able to retrieve your PayPal transaction ID by logging in your PayPal account and selecting the payment on your summary page. You will not need the PayPal transaction ID on Rocart.

Finding an artwork

Sometimes, you will not be able to find artwork anymore. This is because someone probably bought the artwork. Some other time, it could be because we found an issue in it and we had to remove it.

If you cannot find an artwork, try using different keywords. Since we get new artworks daily, an artwork that appeared at the top could be further down.

An artwork I was interested in has disappeared

There are a few reasons why you cannot find an artwork.

  • The artist ended the listing early. If you were watching an artwork and saving it for later, it might still appear in your watch list.
  • Another collector purchased the artwork using “Buy Now” so the listing ended directly.
  • The artwork did not comply with our policies, so we were forced to remove it.

Saved Search

If you repeatedly search for the same artwork, you can save them by using “Watch Now”.

We will send you alerts by email if the artwork listing is about to expire or if it has been sold.

Your recently viewed artworks

On the home page, you will be able to see the artwork you view recently.

Your Watchlist

If you found an artwork you love but are not ready to commit just yet, you can add it to your watch list while you come up with a decision. You can add unlimited artworks to your watch list. If you place artwork into your watch list, you are NOT committing into buying the artwork. You can freely add or remove artworks into your watch list.

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