Joaquin Phoenix



Acrylic on Canvas

48 x 48 in / 122 x 122 cm


Joaquin Phoenix has always been one of my favorite actors, but he really captured me when he starred as Johnny Cash. He is brilliant no matter the character he plays. He is also a genuine and kind person. I shared this painting with him on twitter, and not only did he repost it on twitter, he also shared it on his instagram feed. I was beyond honored that he even took notice. And so, this painting really makes me smile, because for a short while, I actually engaged with my subject. Oil on canvas, 48″ x 48″

Michelle Kohler

Like most artists, my career began as a childhood obsession; An insatiable urge to replicate on paper what I saw with my eyes. My parents, wise enough to see this within me, enrolled me in private art classes in my early adolescent year. After 3 years of private instruction, my desire and progress led me to study for 5 more years at Hugo Naude Art Center in Worcester, South Africa. After graduating, with a new disciplined approach, I felt compelled to pursue structure. Namely, facial structure. So I drew face after face, and attended many live-model classes. After a while, my own perspective began to emerge in my otherwise purist portraiture constructions. This of course came from confidence emboldened by years of disciplined construction. Flashing forward a few years, and a handful of domestic and international exhibits, I am now coming full circle as an artist with my own unique, creative sensibilities-and a portraiture constructionist. My new work captures the subjectivity of shape abstraction and color relationship, along with the disciplined objectivity of human portraiture.

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