Silver Time



Mixed Media: Ink and Acrylic Paint on Canvas

18 x 24 in / 45 x 61 cm



Mixed Media: Ink and Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Dimension 18″L x 24″W 

Painted and Signed by the artist


Prince Junior Art

Prince Junior is a New York based artist. He grew up going to art class throughout his childhood, but most of his skills were developed on his own while experimenting with different art projects. Art was the only activity where Prince Junior was able to sit patiently and express his true creativity. Prince Junior uses a variety of media. He paints on canvas and sometimes even wood panels. Acrylic paint is used in most of his work. Many of his artworks includes gold leaf, glitter, diamond dust, spray paint, resin, varnishes, and more. Prince Junior is inspired by many artists including Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Roy Lichtenstein. He took his passion for art and watches to create one of a kind artwork. Prince Junior uses his work to show that watches aren’t just materialistic items. Watches represent life. The hands of a watch never stop moving, and we can take that as a lesson to never give up and to keep moving just like a watch. Life is a cycle just like the hands of a watch. Nothing is permanent. Even when a watch stops functioning the correct time is still shown twice a day. Every lesson is a mistake for success. His goal is not to have everyone look at something as it seems. But to show the true colors and creativity of this world.

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