Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s degrees

Profile – Technological In the master’s study 3 years in the form of 4-year training

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If you do not have the opportunity to move to the bachelor’s level in the master’s degree, you have only to enter the university for a specialist or bachelor’s degree.

Academic disciplines

Interdisciplinary academic disciplines that lay the foundation for core competencies: Information and Communication Technology, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Logistics, Materials Science. Many of them are taught as specialized modules. The specialty is focused on training IT specialists, who have a high level of interest in information technology, who know the technology of IT resources, analysts and programmers.

Professions and positions

Programmer, IT Project Manager, Specialist in Complex Support and Administration of Computer Networks, etc.

Engineering occupations

Designing and manufacturing of computer hardware and software

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

General technical specialties

Programming in Computer Systems

Automated Information Processing and Control Systems

Heat and gas supply and ventilation

Heat power engineering and heat exchange

Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies


Construction engineering and technology

The oil and gas industry


Currently in the Kyrgyz Republic there are institutes of higher education:

– Kyrgyz Institute of Information Technology and Management;

– Bachelor’s Technical School under the Kyrgyz State Agrarian University;

In addition, specialists are being trained in highly specialized programs:

“Modeling and design of distributed information systems”;

“Applied geoinformatics”;

– “Electronic State and Information Technologies”.

The main disciplines of the curriculum are:

– “Computer-Aided Design”;

– General natural-science disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematical and natural-science disciplines, etc.);

– Mathematics;

– Physics;

Accelerated training for all sectors of modern society allows you to quickly and qualitatively prepare professionals for a full life and work.