Elaf. A. Al Alousi


« The Achilles heel of an artist lies in the hope that his art is good. ― Kapil Gupta »

Born in 1981 in Baghdad and mother of two, Elaf Adel Al-Alousi is a graduate of Baghdad University and secretary in medical writings and artistic drawings. She is also a member of the Saudi Arabian Society for culture and arts (SASCA) and Saudi Arts Association (SAA). Participation
  • Some participant in "Art Home" - Sana'a, Yemen 2010-2013.
  • Serbia Art Festival, Saudi Arabia 2017
  • "Behance Portfolio Reviews" , Jazan- Saudi Arabia 2018.
  • Fine Arts Exhibition in "National day", SASCA , Jazan- Saudi Arabia 2018.
  • Exhibition of "Saudi Arts 2" , SASCA, Al-baha- Saudi Arabia 2018.
  • Exhibition of "The Country of Glory and Dignity", The Ritz Carlton- Riyadh- Saudi Arabia 2018.
  • Exhibition of "Innovators 5", Nesma Art Gallery, Jeddah- Saudi Arabia.
  • Fine Art Exhibition to "Spread the Culture of Human Rights" Jazan- Saudi Arabia 2019.
  • Islamiat Exhibition, Nesma Art Gallery, Jeddah 2019.

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